Oobi Grow is an online game from It is loosely based on the "Nature!" short. It was available from 2001 until 2009.


The game was made for "Oobi Online", a section of Noggin's website based on the Oobi shorts.

The game seems to be based on the "Nature!" short. It is also similar to the bumper "Noggin: Growing".


"Plant seeds and grow pretty flowers with Oobi! Listen to Oobi say what color flower he wants to grow. Choose and click the correct color of seeds from the seed buttons. Click the watering can button to water the seeds."


The game has a few unique sprites: one of Oobi with a watering can, a weird time-lapse cycle of him grabbing a seed, and one of him planting it. It also uses four generic sprites recycled from other games.



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