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Oobi Letters is an online game from Noggin.com. It was available on the site from 2003 until 2009. It was later moved to NickJr.com and was playable until 2015.


The game was made in April 2003 to coincide with the long-form episodes of Oobi. It was part of a series of four matching games, the others being Rhyme, Remember, and Numbers. These four games were meant to teach basic retention skills. The earlier games from 2002 were simpler and didn't have much educational value.

It was designed and developed by ThisIsPop, a studio in New York. Tim Lagasse recorded all of the dialogue for the game. It can still be played on an archive of ThisIsPop's website (here).


"You can count on Oobi to give you a hand recognizing letters. Oobi will name an object that begins with a certain letter—and stresses the strong sound of the initial letter. Oobi repeats the sound and the word that begins with that sound. Oobi then gives two possible answers. You'll look at the possibilities and click on the object that starts with the same initial sound. Get it right and win a star! Get three stars and you win the game. Play as often as you like!"


All of Oobi's sprites are recycled from earlier games.



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