Oobi Snack is an online game from It was available from 2001 until 2009.


The game was made for "Oobi Online", a section of Noggin's website based on the Oobi shorts. It was the eighth and last game made for Oobi Online. All later games were made in mid-2003, after Oobi Online closed.

The game uses stock photos of different fruits. The fruit sprites are all in the GIF format and look highly-contrasted.

In October 2003, the game was added to MSN Kids, a Microsoft website that partnered with Noggin. (source)


"Oobi is hungry. Can you help him get the food he wants to eat? Watch to see what snack Oobi is thinking of. Match the colored buttons to the snack Oobi wants. Click the matching button to give him the snack."


All of Oobi's sprites/poses are recycled from other games:

The background and fruit sprites are unique to the game:



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