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The Oobi theme song is the opening theme of the show. It is heard in the intro sequence and during the ending credits.

The song was composed by Jared Faber in 1999. It was performed by John Montagna, a singer and songwriter from Brooklyn.

The theme was made for the first season, which was a series of shorts. On airings of season one, the theme song was sometimes replaced with a much shorter intro that just announced "Noggin presents Oobi". For seasons two and three, the theme song was always included at the beginning.



Oobi's like me.
Oobi's like you.
Oobi's got a lot of big things that he's gonna do.
Uma's his sis.
He's big. She's small.
Kako is his very best friend. Grampu loves them all.
Oh, Oobi! Oobi, Oobi, Oobi, Oobi, Oobi!
He's got a lot to see. He's got a lot to do.
And he's always with you!
Oobi: Oobi, you, friends! Haha!


The intro sequence was updated for each season. Each version features clips from different episodes.

Season 1 (shorts)

Season 2

Season 3






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