Papu is a recurring character on Oobi. He was played by Frankie Cordero, who also played Mamu.


Papu is the father of Kako and the husband of Mamu. He appears whenever Oobi visits Kako's house. He is a stay-home father and is not currently employed, similarly to Grampu. Papu has a friendly, welcoming demeanor and he encourages others to try new things. He is a very good cook and has a secret family recipe for okra.


Papu has dark skin, which is visibly darker than both his son's and his wife's. His eyes are light green, like Kako's, and his fingernails are pink. He wears a black wig styled into dreadlocks. Four fingers act as Papu's upper lip, while his thumb acts as his lower lip.


Papu appears in two episodes: "Kako Dinner!" and "Halloween!".



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