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"Parade!" is an episode of Oobi from the second season.


After seeing a parade poster, Uma wants to be in a parade. With home-made costumes and floats, she leads Oobi and Kako in their very own parade. They march around their block singing with all the neighbors


Oobi, Uma, Kako, and Grampu are admiring a poster in the kitchen. Oobi greets the viewers and explains that the poster is advertising a parade. Uma asks Grampu what a parade is. He tells her that it is a celebratory event that usually involves a marching band, a float, and a majorette. Oobi and Kako demonstrate how a marching band walks across a street. They invite the viewers to march along with them.

Uma gets the idea to put on a parade of her own. She brings Oobi and Kako to a table, where she has displayed a drum, a bulb horn, and a set of sleigh bells. She asks Kako to play one of the musical instruments in her parade, because it needs to have a band. Kako agrees but cannot decide on an instrument. He chooses to become a one-man band and use all three instruments.

Next, Uma asks Oobi to wear a float costume in her parade. He tries wearing a bunch of grapes as a float costume, but it does not work. Uma finds a bunny slipper, which he reluctantly wears. She tells him that it is a good fit and asks him to march with Kako. While Oobi and Kako practice marching, an interview segment plays. It involves Grampu asking preschoolers if they have watched a parade. The next scene shows Uma finding a majorette outfit. She tells Grampu that her parade is ready. He suggests performing outside.

Uma likes this idea and leads the boys out the front door. Several neighbors, including Angus and Mrs. Johnson, watch as the parade begins. The children sing the "Parade March" song as they perform. Grampu encourages the viewers to march and cheer along with them. When the parade ends, Oobi waves "goodbye" to the viewers in his float costume.




Oobi - Parade!

Oobi - Parade!


  • This is the only episode where Angus appears without any accessories.


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