Paula is a minor character on Oobi.


Paula is Uma's preschool teacher, who only appears in the "Uma Preschool!" episode. She has four students: Uma, Moppie, Taro, and Fred. She also takes care of a classroom pet: a guinea pig named George. Like many teachers of young children, she has her students use her first name instead of her last name.

Paula seems to be a very upbeat and understanding person. She is patient and encouraging to each of her students, and she tries her best to comfort Uma when she is hesitant to leave Grampu.

Paula was played by Jennifer Barnhart, who also played Mrs. Johnson. Barnhart is a left-handed puppeteer, making Paula one of the few left-handed characters on the show.


Paula is a fair-skinned hand puppet with light blue eyes. She wears a dark brown bracelet on her wrist and a blonde wig tied in a ponytail.


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