The playground is an area in Oobi's neighborhood.


The playground is the main setting of "Uma Swing!" and "New Friend!", two episodes from season one. It is a space where Oobi and his family often come to play.

When Uma first visits the playground, she goes too fast on the swing and falls off. She develops a fear of the swing that Oobi has to help her conquer. He teaches her how to safely use the slide, making sure to stress that she should be careful at all times. Soon, she tries the swing again and loves it.

Some time later, Oobi visits the playground to play with Kako. When Kako doesn't show up, Oobi decides to play with a girl named Frieda, who just happens to be a foot instead of a hand. He and Frieda play "kick-catch" together in a grassy area of the playground.


The playground is surrounded by a light green fence. It seems to be in the middle of a wooded area. It has a few different pieces of recreational equipment: a swing set, a slide, and a seesaw. It also has a play area with a bunch of multicolored blocks.



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