Poppie is a minor character on Oobi.


Poppie is Moppie's father. He makes a cameo appearance in the "Checkup!" episode. In Dr. Rose's waiting room, he can be seen reading a golf-themed magazine behind Moppie. He is also mentioned in "Uma Preschool!" when Moppie says that she misses him when she is at school. She later says that she doesn't feel bad because she knows he will always return at the end of the school day. Poppie's skin is noticeably darker than Moppie's, so her mother most likely has lighter skin.

Poppie was played by Kevin Clash, who also played Randy and a few background characters.


Poppie is a short hand puppet with tanned skin and light blue eyes. His fingers are curled in a fist-like position. He has a curly red moustache.


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