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Kako's pet puppy, a black-and-white male Shih Tzu, is the main focus of the episode "Kako's Puppy!".

He was an animal actor, trained by William Berloni and provided by the New York-based company Theatrical Animals. (source)


When Kako goes away for the day, he asks Oobi to take care of his puppy. Oobi thinks the puppy is adorable and gladly accepts, thinking that he will do nothing but play with the puppy all day. He expects Grampu to help him puppy-sit; however, Grampu explains that it's Oobi's job to take care of the dog. Oobi realizes that pets are a big responsibility.

Oobi takes the puppy on a walk, gives him a bowl of dog food, and gives him a bath outside. After he finishes all of these tasks, Grampu lets him have some playtime with the puppy. Kako returns and admits that Oobi was a great puppy-sitter.

Oddly, Kako never mentions the puppy after this episode. Kako's house makes a few appearances, but the puppy is never seen and doesn't show up in any of Kako's family photos.


The puppy is mostly white with some black patches on his face and back. He has a black nose and a short tail. His eyes are hard to see behind his fur. His coat is cut shorter than the natural length for Shih Tzus; to dog owners, this is known as the "puppy cut" or "teddy bear cut." At the beginning of the episode, he wears a red collar and a leash.



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