Randy is a minor character on Oobi. He was played by Kevin Clash, who is best known for being the original performer of Elmo on Sesame Street.


Randy is a good-natured teenager who becomes Oobi and Uma's babysitter in the "Babysitter!" episode. He is responsible and has a list of babysitting rules that he follows at all times. He is also very personable and gives nicknames to everyone he meets. He gives Oobi and Uma the names "Oobi-Dude" and "Uma-Zooma."

When they first meet, Uma does not appreciate Randy's efforts to bond with her. She misses Grampu and insists that Randy isn't as good as him. However, Randy eventually wins her over by dancing with her doll to polka music. Uma can't help but laugh and nicknames him "Randy-Candy."

Randy later plays a guessing game with Oobi and Uma, before telling them that it's time for bed. They don't want to, but Randy uses the "oldest trick in the book" to get them to sleep: saying that the last one to bed is a rotten egg. He sings them a rockabye lullaby and leaves when Grampu comes back from polka dancing at the nightclub. Oobi and Uma say that they'll miss him.


Randy is a dark-skinned hand puppet with brown eyes. He has a tuft hair with several streaks of blue dye in it.



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