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"Recital!" is an episode of Oobi from the second season.


Oobi is about to perform at a piano recital at the community hall. He's very confident at first, but when he makes a mistake on stage, he panics and runs offstage. Kako has a heart-to-heart talk with Oobi, and persuades him to finish his


Oobi is in the living room, wearing a tie. He plays "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" on Grampu's piano and greets the viewers. He explains that he will be performing at a piano recital later. Grampu compliments Oobi's piano skills and offers to take him to the community center, where the recital will be held. He asks Oobi if he is nervous, but Oobi assures Grampu that he has "nerves of steel." As they walk to the community center, an interview segment plays. It involves Uma asking preschoolers if they know how to play musical instruments.

The scene cuts to Oobi and Grampu arriving at the recital. Inka, the piano teacher, helps Oobi warm up before performing. She tells Angus, who is also one of her students, that he will be performing before Oobi. While Angus prepares, Kako joins Grampu in the audience. They watch as Inka introduces herself onstage. Angus follows and plays "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the piano. The audience claps and cheers for him. Oobi walks to the piano next and begins playing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". He abruptly stops and plays the wrong note. Kako gasps as Oobi rushes offstage.

Angus tries to make Oobi feel better, but this does not work. Inka explains to Oobi that he made a simple mistake and that nobody is perfect. Kako helps Oobi realize that messing up does not matter. This gives Oobi the courage to try again. He appears onstage again and plays the music perfectly. The audience cheers and asks for an encore. Oobi plays the correct notes again and is given an even louder applause. Oobi waves "goodbye" to the viewers as the episode ends.




Oobi - Recital!

Oobi - Recital!


  • It is mentioned that Uma cannot attend Oobi's piano recital because she is visiting Aunt Oota (an unseen character).
  • The cell phone that a background puppet uses in this episode is also used as Uma's pretend phone in "Grown-Up!"


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