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The first season of Oobi was a series of two-minute shorts. These shorts played during commercial breaks on Noggin and Nickelodeon. They were shown daily from 2000 to 2002. In 2003, Nickelodeon ordered a second season that turned Oobi into a long-form show. The shorts stopped airing regularly in April 2003, but reruns continued until late 2007.

The shorts were much simpler than the long-form episodes. Each one was set in only one location, and the four main characters (Oobi, Uma, Kako, and Grampu) were the only puppets who ever appeared. Unlike the long-form episodes, Uma and Kako didn't wear any accessories in the shorts. Although it is also of note that the shorts featured more music than the series, often with more instruments as well, including accordion and xylophone, as opposed to mostly just the banjo and double bass featured in the full-length episodes.

48 shorts are known to exist. 46 of them have official titles from TVOntario, a Canadian channel that aired them on a rotating schedule. A few of the shorts are either incomplete or lost. A playlist of all of the found shorts can be watched here.


Image Title / story
Oobi-shorts-Dance-Kako's-turn.jpg 1: "Dance!"
Each of the kids takes a turn dancing to a different genre of music.
Oobi-shorts-Tag-Kako-gets-tagged.jpg 2: "Tag!"
Uma feels left out when Oobi and Kako play tag without her.
Oobi-shorts-Flush-Uma's-dance-game.jpg 3: "Flush!"
Uma thinks the sound of a toilet flushing is hilarious, so she and Grampu imitate it.
Oobi Wiki - Image Unavailable.png 4: "On & Off!"
Oobi learns to turn a light switch on and off.
Oobi-shorts-Share-Pretzels-Uma.jpg 5: "Share Pretzels!"
Oobi shares his pretzels with Uma and Kako, who end up eating them all.
Oobi-shorts-Watermelon-ending.jpg 6: "Watermelon!"
Uma discovers the taste of watermelon and tries to eat one whole.
Oobi-shorts-Soup-Uma-wearing-a-bib.jpg 7: "Soup!"
Uma's soup is too hot at first, then too cold, and finally just right.
Oobi Wiki - Image Unavailable.png 8: "Hot Dog and Ketchup!"
Uma helps out when Oobi has trouble squeezing ketchup out of its bottle.
Oobi-shorts-Prince-Uma-wearing-a-hat.jpg 9: "Prince Oobi!"
Uma builds a sand castle and names Oobi the prince of the castle.
Oobi-shorts-Bubbles-Uma's-turn.jpg 10: "Bubbles!"
After Oobi and Uma blow bubbles, Kako tries to take a bath in their bubble soap.
Oobi-shorts-Empty-and-Full-opening.jpg 11: "Empty and Full!"
Oobi and Uma drink orange juice out of a tiny cup and a huge pitcher.
Oobi-shorts-Popcorn-snack-time.jpg 12: "Popcorn!"
Oobi and Kako pretend to be popcorn by "popping" up and down.
Oobi Wiki - Image Unavailable.png 13: "Worm!"
Oobi and Uma find a worm in the garden.
Oobi-shorts-Apple-Picking-ending.jpg 14: "Apple Picking!"
Oobi, Uma, and Kako use teamwork to reach an apple at the local orchard.
Oobi Wiki - Image Unavailable.png 15: "Pretend Wind!"
Oobi and Kako pretend to be the wind by blowing on each other.
Oobi Uma - Tea!.jpg 16: "Tea!"
Oobi and Uma sing "I'm a Little Teapot" after forgetting a teapot for their tea party.
Oobi Wiki - Image Unavailable.png 17: "Ice Cream!"
Oobi and Uma eat ice cream.
Oobi-shorts-Water-Games-finding-Uma.jpg 18: "Water Games!"
Oobi and Kako play with a water sprinkler in the yard.
Oobi-shorts-Guess-Kako-comes-over.jpg 19: "Guess!"
Kako tries to guess what kind of animal Oobi has found.
Oobi-shorts-Bird-Uma-saying-please.jpg 20: "Bird!"
Uma tries to get a canary to sing with her.
Oobi Wiki - Image Unavailable.png 21: "Cat!"
Oobi, Uma, and Kako play with a cat.
Oobi Wiki - Image Unavailable.png 22: "Puppy!"
Oobi pretends to be a puppy.
Oobi-shorts-Animal-Cookies-cow.jpg 23: "Animal Cookies!"
Oobi and Kako imitate the animals on their box of animal cookies.
Oobi-shorts-Slide-commercial.jpg 24: "Slide!"
Oobi rides down a slide with Uma at the playground.
Oobi-shorts-Leader-Uma-turns-around.jpg 25: "Follow the Leader!"
The kids play "follow the leader," but Uma does all of the moves backwards.
Oobi-shorts-Peekaboo-playing-the-game.jpg 26: "Peekaboo!"
The kids play peekaboo, and they let the viewers join in by covering and uncovering the camera.
Oobi Uma - Worm!.jpg 27: "Dig!"
Oobi and Uma dig in the garden.
Oobi - Hide and Seek!.jpg 28: "Hide and Seek!"
Oobi hides behind a sunflower during a game of hide and seek.
Oobi-shorts-Nature-commercial.jpg 29: "Nature!"
Uma asks Grampu what nature means, so he shows her flowers, trees, and birds.
Oobi-shorts-Pretend-Catch-throwing.jpg 30: "Pretend Catch!"
Oobi and Kako play a game of catch with an imaginary ball.
Oobi-shorts-Music-Kako-confused.jpg 31: "Music!"
Uma wants to join Oobi and Kako when they make music with a soup can and a bottle.
Oobi-shorts-Guitar-close-up.jpg 32: "Guitar!"
Oobi and Kako use teamwork to play a guitar.
Oobi-shorts-Bongo-Drums-Grampu-pointing.jpg 33: "Bongo Drums!"
Grampu plays a beat on a pair of bongo drums, and Uma tries to play along.
Oobi-shorts-Quiet-Read-book.jpg 34: "Quiet Read!"
Oobi tries to read a book, but Uma's loud music interrupts him.
Oobi-shorts-Clap-Hands-Uma-pops-up.jpg 35: "Clap Hands!"
Oobi and Uma try to clap their hands together.
Oobi-shorts-Painting-Uma-poses.jpg 36: "Painting!"
Uma poses for Oobi while he uses finger paints to draw a portrait of her.
Oobi-shorts-Macaroni-Jewelry-Kako.jpg 37: "Macaroni Jewelry!"
Oobi, Uma, and Kako put on a fashion show with jewelry made from macaroni.
Oobi-shorts-Paint-Shapes-all-three-symbols.jpg 38: "Paint Shapes!"
Oobi and Kako use sponges to paint different shapes.
Oobi-shorts-Pinch-Pot-ending.jpg 39: "Pinch Pot!"
Oobi helps Uma make a pinch pot out of clay.
Oobi-shorts-Drawing-Game-mouth.jpg 40: "Drawing Game!"
Grampu and Oobi play a charades-style drawing game.
Oobi-shorts-Neighborhood-Art-painting.jpg 41: "Neighborhood Art!"
Oobi makes a model of a neighborhood, and he gives Uma a tour of each building.
Oobi-shorts-Toothpaste-ending.jpg 42: "Toothpaste!"
Oobi and Kako try to figure out how to open a tube of toothpaste.
Oobi-shorts-Feelings-making-faces.jpg 43: "Feelings!"
Oobi acts out different emotions in the mirror.
Oobi Wiki - Image Unavailable.png 44: "Cake!"
Oobi, Uma, and Kako eat cake.
Oobi Wiki - Image Unavailable.png 45: "Wet and Dry!"
After playing outside, Oobi and Kako work together to wash their hands.
Oobi-shorts-Bubble-Bath-cleaned-off.jpg 46: "Bubble Bath!"
Oobi and Kako take a bubble bath, and they use bubbles to pretend to be different creatures.
Oobi-shorts-Itsy-Bitsy-Spider-music.jpg 47: "Itsy Bitsy Spider!"
Oobi and Kako sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and pretend to be spiders.
Oobi-shorts-Toys-Oobi-and-Uma-playing.jpg 48: "Toys!"
Uma is bored, so Oobi cheers her up by pretending to chase her toy rabbit with a toy lizard.