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For the second season of Oobi, the show became a long-form series with each episode lasting around 10-13 minutes. The season was filmed from January to February 2003, and it premiered on April 7, 2003. The season has 26 episode segments in total.

Along with the longer format, this season introduced completely different sets for Oobi's house, updated puppet eye props for all of the characters, and many new crew members. A new character, Inka, debuted in this season and ended up becoming a major character in season three.


Image Title / story
Oobi-Camp-Out-collapsed-tent.png 1: "Camp Out!"
Grampu and the kids camp out in the backyard.
Oobi-Uma-Swing-Kako-visits.png 2: "Uma Swing!"
Oobi helps Uma regain her confidence after she falls off the swing at the playground.
Oobi-Uma-Bathroom-Uma-happy.png 3: "Uma Bathroom!"
Uma doesn't want to take a bath after playing in the mud outside.
Oobi-Dance-Class-party.png 4: "Dance Class!"
Oobi and Uma sign up for a dance class, but they have trouble mastering their new dance routine.
Oobi-Kako's-Puppy-playing.png 5: "Kako's Puppy!"
Oobi thinks Kako's new puppy is adorable, but when he volunteers to "puppy-sit" for a day, he learns that pets are a huge responsibility.
Oobi-Uma's-Birthday-biggest-present.png 6: "Uma's Birthday!"
Uma feels left out when her own birthday party becomes more about the games and less about her.
Oobi-Asparagus-fruit-game.png 7: "Asparagus!"
Uma refuses to try asparagus, so Oobi and Grampu go to drastic measures and perform a magic show to get her to taste it.
Oobi-Haircut-Oobi-shakes-his-head.png 8: "Haircut!"
When Oobi wakes up with a wild patch of hair on his head, he goes to the barber for his first haircut.
Oobi-Grampu-Day-old-family-photo.png 9: "Grampu Day!"
The kids make up their own holiday to celebrate Grampu.
Oobi-Make-Pizza-the-finished-pizza.png 10: "Make Pizza!"
The kids are a little too eager to help Grampu make their favorite food, pizza, and end up doing everything the wrong way.
Oobi-Showtime-the-big-show.png 11: "Showtime!"
Oobi and Kako want to put on a puppet show by themselves, but they discover that they need Uma's help.
Oobi's-Car-Uma-tries-to-fix-it.png 12: "Oobi's Car!"
When Uma accidentally breaks Oobi's favorite toy car, she tries to repair it herself.
Oobi-Garden-Day-Grampu-looking-at-seeds.png 13: "Garden Day!"
Grampu introduces the kids to his favorite pastime, gardening, but they find it boring to wait for their plants to grow.
Oobi-Piano-Lesson-Inka-and-Grampu.png 14: "Piano Lesson!"
Grampu falls in love with Oobi's piano teacher, Inka, when she comes to visit.
Oobi-Uma-Chicken-Grampu-brings-some-seeds.png 15: "Uma Chicken!"
Uma takes a farm animal game too far and convinces herself that she is a real chicken.
Oobi-Sleepover-singing-a-lullaby.png 16: "Sleepover!"
Uma misses Oobi when he leaves to spend the night at Kako's house.
Oobi-Play-Ball-Kako-gets-mad.png 17: "Play Ball!"
When Kako becomes frustrated with a game of tee-ball, Oobi helps show him the basics of the game.
Oobi-Build-Fort-Kako's-side.png 18: "Build Fort!"
Oobi and Kako build forts out of blocks and get into a heated argument over whose is better.
Oobi-Petting-Zoo-Grampu-with-the-harness.png 19: "Petting Zoo!"
Oobi and Kako pretend to be cowboys when they visit the petting zoo and ride a horse.
Oobi-New-Friend-playing-in-the-field.png 20: "New Friend!"
Oobi is nervous to play with Frieda, a foot puppet, because she looks different from him.
Oobi-Uma-Sick-lullaby.png 21: "Uma Sick"
Oobi and Kako try to make Uma feel better when she comes down with a cold.
Oobi-Playdate-Kako-upset.png 22: "Playdate!"
Kako gets jealous when Oobi obsesses over his new pet turtle and forgets about a playdate they planned.
Oobi-Make-Art-artwork-on-display.png 23: "Make Art!"
The kids want to make their own artwork, but Oobi has trouble coming up with an idea.
Oobi-Rainy-Day-the-rainbow.png 24: "Rainy Day!"
Oobi and Kako reluctantly join Uma on her search for a rainbow when the rain spoils their plans.
Oobi-Pretend-Circus-Kako-ringmaster.png 25: "Pretend Circus!"
The kids put on their own imaginary circus when they find out they can't visit a real one.
Oobi-Make-Music-game.png 26: "Make Music!"
Oobi, Uma, and Kako form their own band and turn kitchen tools into instruments.