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The third season of Oobi was filmed from January to February 2004. It premiered on September 6, 2004, and aired its last new episode on February 11, 2005. Like the previous season, this season has 26 episode segments in total.

This season introduces many new supporting characters, and most episodes featured new sets for the places around Oobi's neighborhood. The puppet eye props for the main characters were also updated for this season.

Although this was the last season made of the main show, a foreign remake of Oobi called Oobi: Dasdasi was made in 2012 and ran for two seasons of its own.


Image Title / story
Oobi-Video-Uma-talks-about-Fritz.png 1: "Video!"
Tired of Oobi and Uma rewatching the same movie, Grampu teaches them how to make a home video.
Oobi-Grown-Up-business-as-usual.png 2: "Grown-Up!"
The kids pretend to be grown-up firefighters, musicians, and businesspeople.
Oobi-Shopping-fruit-hat-Kako.png 3: "Shopping!"
Oobi and Kako fool around at Bella's grocery store and accidentally ruin her fruit displays.
Oobi-Uma-Dreams-the-magic-chain.png 4: "Uma Dreams!"
Uma has been having a nightmare about a living tree and a mysterious animal, so Grampu helps her learn to lucid dream and face her fears.
Oobi-Chopsticks-hand-family.png 5: "Chopsticks!"
Grampu takes Oobi and Uma out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. There, Uma tries to figure out how to use chopsticks.
Oobi-Clean-Up-Kako-and-Uma-outside.png 6: "Clean Up!"
Oobi can't play outside until he's finished cleaning his room. Bored without him, Uma and Kako help out and sing a song to make the job less dull.
Oobi-Kako-Dinner-dancing-with-Papu.png 7: "Kako Dinner!"
When Oobi has dinner with Kako and Papu, he learns about their family's different customs.
Oobi-Sign-Language-Amy-counting.png 8: "Sign Language!"
Oobi and Kako meet a deaf girl at the park. Determined to befriend her, they learn some sign language.
Oobi-Halloween-Mrs-Johnson-house.png 9: "Halloween!"
Kako is terrified of Halloween, so Oobi and Uma take him trick-or-treating and show him that it is all pretend.
Oobi-Checkup-stethoscope.png 10: "Checkup!"
Oobi is nervous for his first check-up at the doctor's office, but the doctor's calm and helpful demeanor helps put him at ease.
Oobi-Uma-Trip-calling-Kako.png 11: "Uma Trip!"
Uma wants to travel the world, but it's too expensive. Oobi, Kako, and Grampu decide to bring her on a pretend trip throughout the house.
Oobi-Frieda-Friend-Oobi's-shoe.png 12: "Frieda Friend!"
Oobi is devastated to find out that Frieda has a new friend who seems like a better match for her.
Oobi-Neighborhood-no-stamp.png 13: "Neighborhood!"
Oobi and Kako take Uma on a tour of their mini neighborhood, made of boxes and paint.
Oobi-Uma-Preschool-costumes.png 14: "Uma Preschool!"
Uma doesn't want to leave Grampu on her first day of preschool, but ends up having a good time when she meets a new friend.
Oobi-Theater-Uma-in-the-woods.png 15: "Theater!"
The kids perform a musical version of "Little Red Riding Hood" in the park.
Oobi-Baby-playing-with-Sophie.png 16: "Baby!"
Oobi learns how to take care of a baby when he meets a new mother and her newborn daughter.
Chez-Oobi-sharing-a-drink.png 17: "Chez Oobi!"
Oobi and Kako turn the house into a French-style restaurant for Grampu and Inka's date.
Oobi-Valentine-Grampu-pops-out.png 18: "Valentine!"
On Valentine's Day, Oobi and Uma follow a trail of paper hearts to find their mystery valentine.
Oobi-Parade-practicing.png 19: "Parade!"
Uma wants to lead a parade through town, so she gets Oobi and Kako to dress up as a walking float and a one-man band.
Oobi-Babysitter-Uma's-blocks.png 20: "Babysitter!"
Oobi and Uma have a new babysitter. Uma doesn't like him at first, but his jokes and songs eventually win her over.
Oobi-Recital-Inka-and-Oobi-on-stage.png 21: "Recital!"
Oobi is excited to perform at a piano recital for Inka, but he messes up and doesn't know what to do.
Oobi-Dinosaur-spotting-the-fence.png 22: "Dinosaur!"
Oobi writes a story about a dinosaur named Umasaurus, who gets lost in the forest and teams up with two other dinosaurs to find her way home.
Oobi-Nature-Walk-sunset.png 23: "Nature Walk!"
Exhausted by the bustling sounds of the city, Grampu takes Oobi and Uma on a nature walk at the state park.
Oobi-Sing-Maestru-talking.png 24: "Sing!"
Oobi and Kako join Maestru's singing group, but their obsession with a loud song called "Yo To Ho" annoys him.
Oobi-Fishing-shoe.png 25: "Fishing!"
Grampu takes Oobi fishing at the pier. When Oobi catches a fish, he feels bad for it and convinces Grampu to set it free.
Oobi-Superheroes-hero-formation.png 26: "Superheroes!"
The kids dress up as superheroes and help save Mrs. Johnson's cat when she gets stuck in a tree.