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"Share Pretzels!" is an episode of Oobi from season one. Like the rest of the season, it is a short that aired during commercial breaks.


Oobi is in the kitchen, eating a snack of store-bought pretzels out of a plastic bowl. Kako walks over to him and asks if he could share. Oobi willingly passes the bowl to Kako and lets him have a few. To Oobi's surprise, Kako noisily wolfs down a lot of his pretzels. "Ah. Thanks!" says Kako, before dashing away and leaving Oobi with only about half of his pretzels left.

Oobi is about to eat the leftovers when Uma comes up to him and asks if he will share with her. Hesitant to give over the rest of his snack, Oobi takes a while to consider it, but Uma pleads and wins him over. She takes the bowl and messily eats every last pretzel. When she's done, she gives Oobi a kiss to thank him.

Kako walks over again and sees that Oobi is sad to have given away all of his pretzels. He points over to Grampu, who is on the other side of the kitchen and has just made a batch of home-baked pretzels. At Kako's insistance, Oobi asks Grampu if he could share some of the new pretzels. Grampu happily gives Oobi one and they each enjoy a big pretzel together.




  • In Canada, this short premiered on TVOntario on January 6, 2004. (source)
  • Pretzels also appear at the end of the "Asparagus!" episode.
  • This is the first time the kitchen is visited.
  • As with other shorts set in the kitchen, the lighting used in this episode gives the characters and their surroundings an orange tint.


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