Sheila is a minor character on Oobi.


Sheila is a single mother with a baby daughter named Sophie. She guest stars in the "Baby!" episode, where she meets Oobi and teaches him how to take care of a baby.

In the episode, Sheila brings Sophie to the park and sets her down on a bench. Oobi walks by and is completely fascinated. He asks Sheila what it's like to raise a baby, so she explains how to feed, burp, and play with Sophie. Oobi gets a chance to try these things for himself. Sheila asks Grampu to throw out Sophie's baby wipes, making him grossed out and uncomfortable. Since she is so used to caring for Sophie, Sheila doesn't seem to notice Grampu's disgust. At the end, Sheila lets Oobi hold Sophie, and he rocks her to sleep.


Sheila is a fair-skinned hand puppet with light blue eyes that match her daughter's. She wears a long, light brown wig.



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