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"Shopping!" is an episode of Oobi from season three.


Grampu takes Oobi and Kako to the fruit stand to buy some fruit. At first, Oobi and Kako make mischief at the fruit stand, but Grampu helps them learn the importance of respecting other peoples' property.NickJr.com (source)


Oobi and Kako are in the kitchen, looking for a snack. When they see that their fruit bowl is completely empty, they ask Grampu if they can go buy more. He decides to bring them to the fruit store.

The next scene shows Bella, the owner of the store. She smells a bouquet of flowers and sits by the cash register. Grampu opens the shop's door and lets the boys inside. He shows them a scale and explains how it's used to weigh fruit. Bella greets Grampu and hugs him, hinting at a relationship between the two of them. Grampu introduces her to Oobi and Kako, who say hi.

The boys later look for some bananas. They find pineapples, watermelons, and cherries before finding a perfect bunch of bananas. Kako gets the idea to put different fruits on the scale. He puts the bananas, a pineapple, and a watermelon on top of each other. He then adds a single cherry, which makes it topple over and cover him with fruit. When Grampu sees this, he is upset. He tells the boys to clean up their mess and explains what happened to Bella. Meanwhile, the interview segments start. They feature Uma pretending to be a customer at a supermarket.

After the segments, Grampu asks Oobi and Kako to bring him an orange. They walk over to a pile of oranges and decide to take one from the bottom. This makes all of the oranges fall to the floor. Grampu comes over and can't believe what he sees. He tells the boys that they can't play around with the food; it's Bella's property and doesn't belong to them. Oobi and Kako apologize and help him shop without any other disruptions. They bring their food to the cash register, where Bella asks them for four coins. Oobi invites the viewers to help him count the coins.

After paying, Bella says "ciao" to Grampu. The next scene shows Oobi, Kako, and Grampu back in the kitchen. The boys fill their bowl with food and ask Grampu if he's hungry. "No," Grampu says. He decides to wear the fruit as a hat, looking just like Kako did when the fruit fell on top of him. He says "Grampu stylin'!" and dances away. Oobi laughs and waves goodbye to the viewers.




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  • The scene where Oobi and Kako knock down the oranges is featured in the opening theme for season three.
  • Bella, the owner of the fruit store, makes another appearance in "Theater!".


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