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"Theater!" is an episode of Oobi from season three.


This is a musical version of Little Red Riding Hood. The production is staged in the park with Grampu and the neighbors in the audience. Uma plays Little Red Riding Hood, and it's her first time as an actress.NickJr.com (source)


Mamu, Mrs. Johnson, and Bella are getting ready to watch a play. They walk in front of a stage and find some seats. Meanwhile, Oobi is wearing a wolf costume, and Uma has a hooded dress on. Oobi explains to the viewers that they're performing a musical version of Little Red Riding Hood. Grampu wishes the kids good luck and goes to find a seat by the stage. Kako appears dressed as Little Red's mother, followed by Angus, who is wearing a woodsman's costume. Maestru tells the actors that it's showtime, and they all rush behind the stage curtain.

As the kids get ready, an interview segment starts. It features preschoolers talking about their experiences at the theater. Afterwards, Grampu and the rest of the audience are shown waiting for the show to start. Grampu realizes he's the only male in the crowd and gets a bit nervous. The ladies flock around him and giggle. Soon, Maestru introduces the musical show and tells the visitors to turn their cell phones off.

The play starts with Little Red's mom (Kako) telling her daughter (Uma) to bring a picnic basket to her grandma. The mom tells Little Red not to talk with strangers. Little Red takes the picnic basket and walks into a dark forest. There, she meets a smooth-talking wolf. The wolf, played by Oobi, convinces Little Red to pick some flowers.

With Little Red distracted, the wolf starts a soliloquy. He explains that he'll pretend to be Little Red's grandma and try to eat her. The next scene shows the wolf in the grandma's bed. Little Red walks in, carrying the basket and the flowers from earlier. She notices that "grandma's" ears and nose are bigger than usual, and the wolf reveals himself. Little Red's real grandma, played by Kako, appears onscreen. The wolf tries to eat them both, but he's stopped by the woodsman, played by Angus.

The woodsman tells the wolf to leave, and he sadly walks away. The grandma feels bad for the wolf because he was hungry and just needed something to eat. Little Red gives the wolf some strawberries from her picnic basket, and the group wraps the show up together. They all bow. Grampu and the other audience members cheer and clap as the episode ends.




Production photo


Audio files from the episode: the full song, the instrumental, and a verse sung by Uma that was cut from the final version of the episode.

Full song


Deleted scene


  • According to photo data on the Glass Wings Puppetry website, this episode was filmed on February 25, 2004. (source, see metadata)
  • This is the first and only time Mamu appears in person. In other episodes, she is only heard from off-screen or seen in pictures.
  • The scene where the four kids sing together is featured in the opening theme for season three.
  • In "Recital!", Angus is nervous about performing in front of a crowd, but here, he shows no signs of stage fright.
  • After the show, when the kids bow to the audience, a bit of Tim Lagasse's sleeve can be seen under Oobi.
  • In a 2016 interview, Noel MacNeal described this episode as one of his favorites. He said: "when we found out that the kids were doing a musical, we asked 'how?!?!' But it actually worked and is one of the best episodes we ever did." (source)
  • This episode had a deleted scene, where Uma sang two more lines after meeting the wolf ("Pretty flowers, Little Red pick! Now to Grandma's house, quick!"). The audio from this deleted scene can be found here.


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