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"Toothpaste!" is an episode of Oobi from season one. Like the rest of the season, it is a short that aired during commercial breaks.


Oobi and Kako walk over to the bathroom sink and prepare to brush their teeth. Oobi picks up a toothbrush while Kako takes a tube of toothpaste and tries to squeeze it. When nothing happens, they decide they must be doing something wrong. They decide to switch places, with Kako holding the toothbrush and Oobi holding the tube. Once again, nothing happens. They scratch their heads and try to think of a solution that will get toothpaste out of the tube. Kako gets an idea and walks off screen.

Oobi looks at the tube and realizes the cap has been on the whole time. He takes it off and notions to Kako that they can now brush their teeth. Kako doesn't hear him and instead tries out his idea from before: running over to the tube and jumping on top of it. He does this, and since Oobi took off the cap, toothpaste squeezes out and covers Oobi. Proud of himself, Kako takes some toothpaste off of Oobi and starts brushing with it, while Oobi glances at the camera in shock and awkwardness.



This short has only been found in home-recorded quality. The gallery will be updated if a better source is found.


  • In Canada, this short premiered on TVOntario on May 21, 2004. (source)
  • Being hand puppets, none of the characters actually have teeth to brush.
  • This episode and the one following it, "Feelings!", are both set in front of the bathroom mirror.
  • The bathroom sink is noticeably different from the one in "Uma Bathroom!" and other later episodes.


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