Tulla is a minor character on Oobi.


Tulla only appears in the "Dance Class!" episode. He is Oobi and Uma's confident, talented, and self-absorbed dance teacher. He knows a lot about the art of dance and insists that practice is the only way to get good at it. He seems to think highly of himself, since he constantly looks at his reflection in the mirror, hangs self-portraits around his studio, and even gives his students photos of himself. Tulla is kind and patient, especially with new students who are just learning how to dance.

He was played by Noel MacNeal, who also played Kako. He speaks with a very deep voice that contrasts with his tall and dainty appearance. In some of the foreign-language dubs, his voice is much higher-pitched.


Tulla is a tall hand puppet with a tan complexion. Like Grampu, four of his fingers are curled, making him look bigger and older than Oobi or Uma. Tulla has dark brown eyes and long, brown hair that he wears in a ponytail. He wears a bluish-purple sleeve that evokes the look of dance tights.



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