The turtle is Oobi's favorite pet. It is an unnamed brown box turtle that he keeps in a portable glass terrarium.


Oobi gets the turtle as a present from Grampu in the "Playdate!" episode. He invites Kako over for a playdate, but can't think about anything other than the turtle. He plays a turtle game, draws the turtle, and sings a song about the turtle. All the while, Kako gets more and more frustrated. He thinks that Oobi cares about the turtle more than him and storms off.

After Kako walks away, Oobi takes his attention away from the turtle for the first time and asks Kako what's wrong. Kako explains that the turtle is the problem, since it has made Oobi forget all about their friendship. He tells Oobi to "enjoy" his turtle and is about to go home when Oobi apologizes. Kako has a change of heart, realizing that Oobi will always be his friend and was just excited to have a new pet. Kako decides to play along with Oobi's turtle game, called "turtle peekaboo."

The turtle makes a small appearance in "Petting Zoo!" during the game segment. It is one of the many pets that Oobi and Kako play with.


The turtle is mostly brown with a darker brown shell and green eyes. It is a box turtle.



  • A different turtle appears in the "Guess!" short.


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