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"Uma Dreams!" is an episode of Oobi from season three.


Grampu puts Uma and Oobi to bed. Uma falls asleep and has a very bad dream. She wakes up and tells Grampu her dream. Grampu helps Uma get back to sleep and she has a good dream. She wakes up in the morning, and happily tells her family all about her good dream.NickJr.com (source)


Oobi and Uma are in their room, getting ready for bed. Oobi helps Uma put her barrette away for the night. Grampu walks in and tucks them in. He's about to turn off the lights when Uma asks him to sing a lullaby. He sings the song "Uma Sleep" and invites the viewers to sing along. After two verses, Uma falls asleep and Grampu turns off the lights.

The next scene shows Uma's dream. It takes place in a creepy, purple-colored world. Uma sees a strange tree made of hands and a giant animal approaching. She is terrified and immediately wakes up, calling for Grampu. Grampu rushes to Uma and turns the lights on again. He asks her what happened, and she explains her dream. Grampu tells her that the dream is just her imagination. He tries to turn the lights off, but Uma asks him for a cup of water. She then asks to go to the bathroom, just to stall for time. The next scene shows Kako interviewing kids about their dreams.

After this, Grampu walks Uma back to bed. He hears Oobi mumbling "Oobi, you, friends" in his sleep. Grampu laughs and tries to get Uma to fall asleep again. She tells him that she's too afraid, so Grampu asks the viewers to show Uma how to relax and breathe deep. He tells Uma to think good thoughts. She decides to think about Oobi, Kako, and her favorite animal: chickens. This gives her the courage to fall back asleep. She starts dreaming again and returns to the purple world. The same tree and animal appear. A lamp's pull chain drops down from the sky and Uma decides to tug on it. After she pulls it, the world lights up. The animal becomes a chicken and the tree starts to dance. Uma laughs and pretends to be a chicken herself.

The scene fades to Uma waking up the next morning. She's ecstatic and realizes that she turned her nightmare into a happy dream. She rushes downstairs to tell Oobi and Grampu, who are having breakfast. She shows them her chicken dance and invites the viewers to dance along. The episode ends as Oobi waves goodbye.




  • This is the second episode with imaginary sequences, after "Pretend Circus!" from the previous season.
  • The episode is based on a real concept: lucid dreaming, where a person is aware that they're dreaming and can control some aspects of their dreams.
  • In this episode, Uma takes off her barrette before going to sleep. Oddly, "Uma Preschool!" shows her sleeping with it on.
  • Kako is seen in an interview segment instead of the main story. He is also mentioned when Grampu tells Uma to think good thoughts.
  • This is the second episode (after "Uma Chicken!") where Uma's love of chickens plays a role in the plot.


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