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"Uma Preschool!" is an episode of Oobi from season three.


It's Uma's first day at preschool! Grampu takes her to preschool where she meets her kindly teacher, Paula. At first, Uma does not want Grampu to leave, but her teacher and her new friend, Moppie, help Uma feel comfortable. Soon, Uma is having the time of her life at preschool.NickJr.com (source)


Oobi and Uma are sleeping when Grampu walks into their room. He wakes them up for school. Uma tells him that she had a dream where it was her first day of preschool. Grampu laughs and tells her that her dream will come true: she's starting preschool today. Uma excitedly walks outside, singing a little tune.

The next scene shows the family at the schoolhouse. Uma and Grampu walk into the preschool classroom and say "goodbye" to Oobi, who goes to school in another room. A girl named Moppie runs across the room as the teacher, Paula, introduces herself to Uma. Uma tells Paula her name and explains that it's Swedish. Paula compliments Uma's name and shows her around, starting with the sand table. A boy named Taro is shown building a bridge out of sand. Next, Uma spots the class pet, a guinea pig named George.

Paula shows Uma the "dress-up corner," which has a bunch of different costumes. Uma puts on a blue boa and pretends to be a movie star. She walks over to an art easel and decides to make a painting. Grampu reads a book at a nearby desk. While Uma starts to draw, she meets Moppie. Moppie shows Uma her drawing of a chicken, which starts a conversation about chickens between the two girls. Moppie asks Uma to pose for a portrait. She draws a sketch of Uma and invites her over to the sand table. There, Moppie pretends to be a princess and Uma pretends to be a king.

Shortly after, Grampu tells Uma that he has to leave. Uma begs him to stay, but she's later convinced to let him leave after Grampu promises that he will always come back. Paula calls the kids to the dress-up corner for snack time. There, Uma and Moppie talk with Taro and his friend Fred. They lie down for nap time as an interview segment begins. During the segment, Kako asks preschoolers about their experiences at school.

The next scene shows Paula waking the kids up. She asks them if they want to play a game of freeze dance. Uma shows off her dancing skills and realizes that school can be fun. Grampu comes back and tells Uma that it's time to go home. She almost doesn't want to leave, but she says "goodbye" to her new friends and leaves. Oobi is also done with his day of school, and he comes back to walk home with Uma. As the episode ends, he talks to Uma about her day and waves "goodbye" to the viewers.




Production photos


  • According to data on the production photos for this episode, it was filmed on January 29, 2004.
  • In September 2004, the Times Leader ran an ad to promote this episode's premiere. It featured a photo of Uma on its front page and an article about the episode's story in its TV section.

The newspaper ad.

  • Oobi is on screen for less than a minute, making this episode one of his smallest roles in the series.
  • This episode features Uma performing her "signature move," spreading out her fingers and quickly shaking back and forth.
  • This episode is paired with "Neighborhood!" in the official episode order. However, when it first aired in the United States, it was shown with "Dinosaur!" instead.


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