Noggin Oobi Dinosaur! - Uma Umasaurus Nick Jr Nickelodeon TV Show Series Character

Name Umasaurus
Species Dinosaur
Gender Female
First Appearance "Dinosaur!"

Umasaurus is a minor character in Oobi.


Umasaurus is a fictional dinosaur featured in a book written by Oobi. She resembles Uma as a dinosaur, and shares many of the same personality traits with Uma. In the story, Umasaurus becomes lost in the forest and finds her way home with the help of two other dinosaurs.


Umasaurus is mostly yellow and purple. She has a large crest on top of her head (similar to the head adornment of Parasaurolophus). Her eyes are blue, like Uma's. She wears a purple and blue barrette.


Umasaurus has appeared in one episode of Oobi: "Dinosaur!"


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